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Looking for quality Small Kitchen Furniture MAKER? Established in 2010, fine- kitchen and interior design co. is quickly becoming an industry leader in the installation of custom small furniture design and kitchen making. Our goal is to deliver the very best quality skill throughout all our styles. We are proud of our expert craftsmanship, the exceptional service, and customer satisfaction we deliver every time. At fine- kitchen and interior design, our tradesmen will work with you to ensure your new cabinets will seamlessly integrate into your current design or surroundings, give expert advice on design layout, color choice, material selection and practicality choices that may fit your individual desires about the furniture. Kitchen design is often nothing less than the heart of the home, at the center of all activities. We build small kitchen furniture with neatly designed by us. so that integrates various functions into one, a place where you would like to spend your time in. We style storage solutions that serve distinctive functions from a spread of layouts from the open room to the room island conception. looking Shelves Option Floating shelves work well for a modern kitchen aesthetic, instead of having upper cabinets and small kitchen furniture. An increasingly popular option is to have this style for the upper cabinets and then have closed cabinetry doors for the bottom half of their kitchen. Cabinet Hinges and Closings Our cabinets feature soft-close door hinges and glides which makes life easy when one single push gently shuts the doors and drawers with little noise. Variety of Countertop Heights Differing countertop heights cater to the specific needs to users such as children and provide extra storage room below at the same time with taller top surfaces. Details and Finishes Choose the final material, tone and color for your finishes in order to achieve the ideal look for your Kitchen design within your renovation budget. Coordinate well with your backsplash and flooring finishes giving your kitchen a wholesome aesthetic. We can make many different styles of kitchens and cabinets ranging from the traditional to the modern. We specialize in making individual kitchens, one-offs that are clearly handmade, even the handles always differ and are made by us. We use quality ironmongery which is built to last. If you want a truly unique kitchen then please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a quote.