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Broken wall, electrical points, water leakage, touching, putty, broken bathroom tiles, plaster descending, do not know how many such problems arise in the house, do not pay attention for a long time which is a big reason. Now we face a problem that how should we renovate it in the budget so that it can be protected for a long time, and a big loss can be avoided, keeping in mind that Fine Kitchen & Interior Design will give you better protection. They work in Budget. Keeping the house safe, keeping it maintained is a big challenge in itself, our small mistake and neglect lead us to a big loss and we have to pay a big price. By renovating the house, we make our house a new You can look and feel like a new home and all this happens by executing your plan and making a start. Fine kitchen and interior design is always in mind for your needs. O to keeping your new home Solution of every problem.

fine kitchen and interior design provides a unique and revolutionary service in home renovation services offering a comprehensive preventive renovation program to preserve and enhance the value, life, and beauty of your home. With our best Services and our calling system, residents can report home renovation concerns from anywhere and at anytime. Homeowner inquiries submitted are going to be traceable with our Work Order and repair Request System. Our goal is to produce you with comfort and peace of mind services knowing that your house is being well cared for by professionals entirely dedicated to home maintenance as a core competence. Our Services can lookout of your home thus you don’t got to worry regarding it since its in safe hands. Our success is being a symbol of our brand our employees’ dedication to the excellence in commission and by developing sure partnerships with our customers to keep up and preserve their homes long lasting. At home repair and maintenance services, we constantly strive to earn the pleasure of serving our customers continually with each and every service visit/p>

Maintenance Services


  • wood work
  • shutters repair
  • window repair
  • almirah dismental and assemble
  • kitchen repair and renovation
  • cieling or false ceiling
  • furniture repair

  • rewiring
  • power and lighting points
  • general repairs

  • Installation and replacement of sanitary fixtures
  • Repairs of burst and leaking pipes
  • Blocked drains
  • Shower/ pumps
  • General repairs and maintenance works